The Roots of Education are Bitter, But the Fruit is Sweet


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S.P. Memorial Public School, is among the best schools in Ruphara East Champaran. This school offer the best day school experience to a child. The school offer CBSE curriculum across grades from kindergarden to High secondary levels. S.P. Memorial Public School was founded with the goal of spreading the light of knowledge far and wide into every corner of East Champaran. Keeping the vision in mind, S.P. Memorial Public School in Ruphara,East champaran, embarked on a challenging journey about years ago. Today it stands proudly as one of the best CBSE schools in East Champaran. From the very beginning S.P. Memorial Public School encourages its students to look beyond the boundaries of the text books and discover something new themselves. The aim is to make the learning experience fun and identify their natural potential. We nurture the young minds to become responsible citizens of future India and imbibe within them the values and conviction which they will carry on throughout their life. With us your child will cover the journey from “I can’t” to “I did” and emerge as a confident individual ready for the challenges of the world. Besides academics, extra-curricular activities and sports also find special importance in the overall curriculum of this CBSE residential school East Champaran. Over the years our students have touched the milestones of excellence in various segments – academics, sports, arts and cultural activities, and have brought glory to the name of S.P. Memorial Public School, Ruphara. With the help of the constant guidance provided by our efficient faculty and their immense hard work and dedication, the students and the faculty of S.P. Memorial Public School have placed the school among the top 10 schools in East champaran. S.P. Memorial Public School has in this short span of just over years become one of the best schools in Ruphara for both boys and girls. Mission: To empower our students to be compassionate, responsive to our culture and heritage, academically excelling and holistic persons with a scientific temper in an environment of sharing and caring. So enrol your child with us today and set them on the path towards success

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